domingo, 12 de outubro de 2008

The new & the old one

Hi there!
First pic is Baiken, from Guilty Gear X... i´ve made it as a request from a friend. Hope he like it.
And the other one, that master pic, is from a comic what we both drew a lot of pages... and the best part is: that never come out! LOL
Look at Baiken, she have BOTH of her arms and eyes... where was my mind??? awesome job!
page from 2000 and baiken sketch from today. ;]
I really try to not write a lot, cuz my english is such a crappy... as you can see... i´m sorry about it.

Um comentário:

lubasa disse...

caraco mo diferença de traço gritante XD
adoro a baiken mas nem sei jogar com ela =/
eu gosto mais da millia rage falar nisos precisava fazer fanarts de guilty tbm ^^